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Last year we celebrated The Visual Theatre 5th anniversary.

The past five years have been a magical ride.
From The Netherlands to China, and from design and branding for hospitals and Design weeks, to interactive installations for musea.

Clients invited us to help with the innovation of projects and services with growth as a result. In order to help projects and companies to grow, we have developed our own tools and methods that can be used by everyone who is willing to grow.
And it’s time to share those life-changing tools with the world. Both online and offline.


Creativity & Innovation are 21st century skills

We have a crystal clear mission Creativity + innovation + Design thinking has to be the new standard, all over the world.
We want to train more innovative thinkers worldwide, so they can make a difference in this world. At the moment, the development of creative and design thinking is not stimulated very much at most schools and universities all over the world. Isn’t this weird?

We need our creative powers more than ever to stand out in the field and (in the future) of computers. but above all to contribute to a better world.


We’re stoked to finally share this with you!

To celebrate we’ve made a Checklist for innovation which you can temporarily download for free.

Download the Checklist for innovation for free