To challenge the natural order of things

online platform & website

Art and design have an important role to play in the development of society. Caradt’s research aims to empower artists and designers to fulfil this role by generating theories, tools and methods to critically challenge the ‘natural order’ of things. 

In order to do this, Caradt conducts practice-led research that integrates science, politics and technology into the field of art and design. The complexity of contemporary society requires such an integrative approach. The research programme is developed in close collaboration with the educational departments of  Avans University of Applied Sciences as well as external partners.

For Caradt we created a website to serve as a platform which showcases an overview of the (ongoing) research, events, publications and the researchers. For the three research groups Caradt provides (and their related projects) a distinctive color-coding system was created that serves as a bold navigation.

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