Foam Talent


The annual Foam Talent Call is designed to showcase exceptional young photographers from all over the world. Every year foam photography museum publishes the selected photographers in a special issue.

For the 2016 edition, the campaign site was given a makeover. A more layered style was created by Vandejong, which allowed for a nice interaction on a freshly made splash-page. Bigger, bolder and directer.
Additionally, the stickers and banners were abandoned in favour of communicating in a more direct way.

While working on the 2016 edition, a temporary 2-screen version of the site was online for a while as well, which shows a nice cross-over between the 'old' version of the site, and the changes that were to come:

Scroll down for more designs from previous years.

The foam talent campaign site was set up in 2013 to allow (possible) participants to easily sign up for the Talent Call, and supply a place for frequently asked questions. 
Additionaly this one-page site was set up so that each year the colours can be changed, while the style remains intact. Of course the selected talents from previous years are showcased here as well. Here are some more examples from 2014 and 2015:

The brand design for the foam talent campaign site was made by Vandejong and built by Joel Galvez and Joost while working at Vandejong in 2013.