Fotomuseum Winterthur

DIsplaying & discussing photography


Fotomuseum Winterthur (Switzerland) is a leading venue for the display and discussion of photography. Through exhibitions, publications, events, and the building of a collection the museum explores the diversity of photographic media.

Studio Simon Davies designed the new identity. In the typographic logo, the concept of montage is leading. The identity enters into dialogue with Fotomuseum as institution and with the works in its exhibitions and in the collection. We’ve assisted Simon Davies with the design of the website in which this dialogue emerges.

This digital environment invites the visitor to take on an active and exploring role. At the same time it allows for the works to fully express themselves and enter into dialogue with other works. You can experience the collection in several ways by re-ordering the works; you can choose a grid view, view per artist, view in series or view the works with he same average surface area.

In Plat(t)form (the place for emerging artists and photographers) the works are being roerend in a completely different way. The jury chooses to feature 10 works, these works are being shown in the overview twice as big as the rest of the works. The system we’ve designed for the presentation of these photographs allows for a nice diversity throughout the years.

Still Searching... is a continually growing online discourse on the media of photography featuring multiple participants. This approach asks for its own design, in line with – but at the same time different from – the rest of the site.