In No Particular Order

A Dutch Design Manifestation

online platform, listening stations, coding

At the Dutch Design Week, In No Particular Order showcases a broad range of work by designers funded by the Creative Industries Fund. It seeks to convey the ways in which designers view and think about the world.

For the editions of 2015 & 2016 we were invited by invited by Agata Jaworska to cooperate with Remco van Bladel and Charlie Berendsen to manifest the digital environment for the exhibition, as well as an installation on-site.

Listening stations & exhibition

As all designers were interviewed prior to the exhibition, it was obvious this should in some form find its way back into the showcase, as it explained a lot about the designer’s their train of thought. The website was setup at the exhibition on multiple screens to function as listening stations, allowing visitors to zoom in on a selected project. Handing out headphones, visitors were able to use their mobile phones as a compact listening station as well.

The following year interviews, categorised by the subject they had in common, were collected on a screen per subject, and looped to be readily available throughout the duration of the exhibition.

Online platform

In 2015 we created the digital counterpart to the visual design Studio Remco van Bladel made, which we realised together with Charlie Berendsen. The result was an online platform which showcased the ‘world’ of the artists; a glimpse into their personal archive, methods and practice. 

The following year the participants of the exhibition were interviewed about, and categorised by, a specific subject. These subjects replaced the ‘random’ images on the homepage from the previous year.