Master Institute of Visual Cultures

Empowering transformative education

identity & branding

“The Master Institute of Visual Cultures (MIVC) provides a transformative education, empowering students to become the new generation of artists and designers who will contribute in unconventional ways to changing the complex and interconnected world we live in.” 

This highly ambitious and versatile institution is currently in a stage of development and growth. The expanded pedagogical scope of the MIVC programmes has created new opportunities for interdisciplinary and co-research across their master pathways.

With it’s four Master pathways – which are housed within a single campus location – the MIVC is by nature dynamic, diverse and unconventional. It’s a place created by professionals and students from various cultural and professional backgrounds who challenge the norms and who aim to ‘be the future of something else’ through research, dialogue and projects executed in various media.

Therefore, the character of the MIVC asks for a strong, inspiring and flexible logo. A logo to make you curious. To show that there is more than the eye meets and that possibilities are endless.

Both the brand logo and its sub-logos breathe diversity while being instantly recognisable in its many forms and visual expressions. A visual identity that empowers the core values of the institution with the ability to grow along with it.

In line with this logo we’ve designed various branding items such as advertisements (both online and printed) a digital report, give aways, etc.

Next to this we're still designing campaigns to recruit and inform new students. The capaign below is a small section of the webinar-campaign in which you can see how the identity can be used in a unique and recognizable way.