Me & My Imaginary World

Exploring the senses

exhibition & installation

Me & My Imaginary World is an interactive installation exhibition, organised by Open Interactive Art in Changsha, China. A group of artists and designers were asked to think of ways in which art can interact with the museum visitor, focussing on a younger Chinese audience, especially the next generation.

We were initially asked to help with two parts: the planning of the exhibition, making the floorplan, and the routes which visitors would take, along with the brand and its posters announcing the exhibition. But as we started, our hands started itching to create installations for this exhibition as well.

We created 3 pieces for the exhibition, all playing with light, shadow & projection. As the topic was ‘Me & My Imaginary World’ we decided the installations should focus on ‘you’. The cursive text is the description that went along with the installations at the exhibition.

#1: The Shape of You

Welcome to this world. This is the moment you become part of the world of others; their imaginary world, which your shadow can influence. Together you create – Your imagination makes it unique.

This installation plays on the fact that you influence it only once you’ve passed it yourself. You create an interaction for the following visitor. Your intervention causes the moire effect to temporarily stop, and provide a new work for the viewer.

#2: The Other You

Have you ever thought about the roles you play in other peoples lives? Do you look the same to everyone? Or does each person see an other you? Everything you do, every step you take –big or small– influences something or someone. A small change in one state can result in large differences in a later state

Two kaleidoscopic tunnels, each with their own effect, respond to the people entering and interacting with them. Where you go, how you go there, and what you do, all influence what you see, and how you are seen as well.

#3: The Split Effect of You

Gather all your imaginations & your shadows. Keep them safe, and remember that you always have access to them easily, anywhere, anytime. They are a part of you. Your shadow is a reflection of your imagination.

Light and shadow have a basic reaction we all know. Where there is shadow, the light is blocked. Black & white, piece of cake. But in this installation you realise it’s not that simple, and depending on where you go, it shows white LED light is not just light (and shadow).