Me & my identity

branding, identity, poster, campaign

Me & My Imaginary World (MMIW) is an exhibition filled with interactive experiences, which with every interaction, change their visitors view on the world around them. Something its logo should reflect... 

Working together with Open Interactive Art (OIA) in Changsha on the exhibition for Me & My Imaginary World we set out to create an eye-catching interactive brand for the exhibition.

Starting off with a logo seemed like the way to go, but since the projects on display would be leading, we chose to focus on that...and turn it into the logo. This way the interaction available in the exhibition was immediately available on first contact.

As most of the publicity and announcements about the exhibition were sent out through China’s main form of communication, WeChat, and its relevant media-platforms we chose to initially go with ‘digital’ posters. So instead of having a series of posters showcased next to each other, they would be rotating. Additionally we made smaller GIF’s, available to share as ‘stickers’ in WeChat.

Inside Changsha’s Meixihu Culture & Arts Centre, the posters were again displayed on man-sized screens, adding to the recognition as soon as you entered the hall, heading towards a unique experience. Read more about the exhibition here.