Publications Research Inauguration St. Joost


In 2016 AKV|St. Joost started two new research groups called ‘Human-Centred Creation’ and ‘Autonomy in Art & Design’. The Expertise Centre for Art and Design approached us to design the bilingual publications to introduce the research.

These essays were published on the occasion of the inauguration of Professor Michel van Dartel and Professor Sebastian Olma in November 2016 at Avans University of Applied Sciences.

Since the researches are conducted simultaneously and since the researches touch each other on some points, we decided on some overlap between both publications; The English version of the text is full colour on a white background (100 gsm paper) and the Dutch version is printed in one monotone colour (including images!) on 60 gsm paper – monotone blue for Van Dartel’s essay, monotone green for Olma’s essay.

When you place them next to each other on your bookshelf, the publications complete each other because of the ‘A’ and ‘W’ on the spine, just like the researches complete each other in the field.

A layer of Spot-UV (transparent glossy ink) on the light parts of the text on the cover and spine, enhances the tangibility and interaction of the viewer.