RTV Totaal


RTV Totaal (Total) is the Radio and TV station for the Maas & Waal area (NL). It's run by 65 enthusiastic volunteers, who have the shared goal to create interactive radio and TV which interacts with the surrounding area; its residents, the industry and the social organisations. They want to be at the heart of the society.

The dedication and commitment of the volunteers asks for an identity to mirror it, one that is alive & active, and offers the possibility to showcase and support its broad range of news items.

To visualise both image and sound we tried to stay close to the source, so we chose to use the visualisation of sound: sound-waves! As a random sound wave just wouldn't do we asked multiple people to pronounce the word "Totaal". The shape of the logo has been based on the average pronunciation of the word, because together we make a total.

By opting for a dynamic aspect in the identity, RTV Totaal now has the possibility to always be up to date, visualise their reportage and involve their audience with every broadcast.