The Queen of the Animals and the Most Beautiful Gardens

A dialogue between two pictures


For artist and photographer Hristina Tasheva, we made another special book. This book does not contain 'just a reproduction' of her photos; instead it has become a work by itself. One of the main reasons for this is the combination of printing techniques we used: Inkjet & Riso (stencilprint).

The dialogue between the photos on one spread in combination with the handwritten texts by Tasheva, invite the reader to read this visual story in new ways.

The combination of printing techniques expresses a somewhat analogue character and adds an extra tactile dimension to the photographs. Each page is made up of 2 layers: A full color print on an inkjet printer and a black layer printed with riso (stencil print). The photos below show the 2 different layers as well as the end result.

In addition to a book that is unique in its kind through the combination of printing techniques, this working method may also have provided a different approach to her work... 

Thanks to the good collaboration with the Charles Nypels Lab in Maastricht, we were able to use this combination of printing techniques. This unique book is printed in a limited edition of 114 pieces and for sale for € 40,00 via Hristina Tasheva.