Time For Impact

Kickstarting urgent architectural challenges

campaign-site, online platform, identity

Time For Impact is an online platform that works as a Kickstarter, promoting urgent challenges in the built (architectural) environment that are in need of (design) expertise, spatial know-how and budget. People from all over the world are invited to pledge their time to collectively boost these socially relevant projects.

Initiated by Space&Matter and New Generations, we were asked to contribute the visual aspect of the platform and its identity. we chose to see the name literally - an impact between two the two leading items on the platform; people and challenges (red & green) which together create something new.

Initially a campaign-site setting a course for the coming years (starting at the Architecture Venice Biennale in 2016), the website has grown into a full-fledged meeting-place where a community can build together.

Choosing an open-source platform as a backbone (Telescope Nova) we were challenged to merge its building-blocks with the one-pager campaign-site we set up into a beautiful, easy-to-use online community. It provides background-information on the initiative, and has an overview of all the challenges available.

By setting up a profile and becoming part of the community you can join in on any challenge, or submit your own, to start making an impact. Each challenge has its own page, and is linked to its author, thus making it easy to connect.

The logo is in a way also the current state of the initiative; people and challenges are just starting to connect. We hope to see it take on many more shapes & identities as it multiplies and grows in the future.

Venice Architecture Biennale 2016

The kick-off for Time for Impact as a platform was its first presentation at the Venice Architecture Biennale in 2016, including an opening presentation at Serra dei Giardini with new ambassadors (architects, curators and critics) and an open breakfast to discuss the project and strategies.