Typism Book 1

Submission for Australian typography publication

In September 2013, Dominique Falla organised a Type conference on Australia's Gold Coast, to introduce design students to making type & lettering as a living; Typism.

Accompanying this conference was to be a publication of type:

The brief was simple; make it black & white, typographic and beautiful. The first edition contains 193 pieces of some of the best calligraphy, custom lettering, typography and type design in the world

Both of us decided to send in some work; Emmy her experiment with soure code distortion, and Joost his Dia de Los Muertos hand-lettering. Both of our works got featured in the Typism publication alongside our friend Oana Clitan and others such as Niels 'Shoe' Meulman and Jon Contino. Some examples from the publication can be found here.