We Are Public

The quest for cultural optimists

online platform

In the autumn of 2014 Amsterdam got a brand new culture–pass from We Are Public, allowing its members to visit a broad selection of the city's finest cultural events. Providing everyone with their 'ticket' and making sure all the events are easy to find asks for a well-structured and clear layout. With a brand design by Vandejong, and a fully responsive webdesign by the Visual Theatre the website displays a broad selection of events for you to visit, showcases what We Are Public is all about, and updates you with the latest cultural news.

We chose to expand on the initial design made for the campaign-website at Vandejong, earlier in 2014. The broad range of colour and bold fonts were leading in this design, but of course content has a big role as well!

Ranging from musea to movies and from architecture to art performances, there is surely something you'll like. See for yourself at wearepublic.nl

"You Are Public" Campaign 2015

In 2015 We Are Public decided to take their campaigning to the next level. As they felt the input of their audience was of great importance, they decided to put the focus there as well; WHO is public?

Of course this started with all the associated locations, but the website and following physical campaign of course also focused on attracting new members; You Are Public. For this we updated the website with a new section allowing people to generate posters with their own names, which were later physically spread out through the city of Amsterdam.

Since January 2017 We Are Public has now also expanded to The Hague.