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...where we passionately create strong brands and connect your story to its audience in a unique way.


Unique perspectives

As creatives we look at the world around us in a unique way. This gives you a fresh perspective on your case and it allows us to come up with powerful visual & strategic solutions.

Strong brands and clear communication: Welcome to the Visual Theatre

As all-round design agency we team up with you, from start to finish of your project to find fitting solutions to all of your communication questions – and of course we make sure the result looks awesome. We like to go the extra mile so that together we make sure your brand & story sticks with your audience. To realise this, we work from these four pillars, and combinations thereof: 

1 Strategy & innovatie concepts

Turning questions into visual concepts

We believe in a complete approach, not in 'quick & easy'. We see a lot of identities, websites and projects that only last a year. Most of the time because it’s not related to the core of the product or company, its future plans or the potential. That’s a shame, and confusing for customers as well.

We’ve combined our experience with tools & methods to get to the core of your business and develop a unique and fitting strategy for your brand.

Illustration of the new Amphia hospital (which is currently being built) with on the facade the logo we've designed. Read more here.

2 Identities & campaigns

Distinctive design that sticks in mind

We’re proud of our talent to develop identities and campaigns and translate them into all sorts of media – print and digital. This way we’re able to set up a beautiful campaign to boost your brand or product.

For us, campaigns are a good reason to cooperate with (new) creative talents. With the combined expertise, a (design for a) unique and articulate campaign is realised.

Lola Lik's flag proudly waves on the old prison in Amsterdam. You can read more on this identity and campaign here.

3 Websites & installations

Focussing on interaction and usability

Whether it’s a small campaign-site or an expansive company-site, we’ve got your back. In careful stages a site will be developed which fits to your needs. And with a keen eye for detail, everything will be well tested and fully functional.

Sometimes a website isn’t enough though and you’d prefer a full-on experience. We love setting up (interactive) installations which enhance the atmosphere, or even change a place completely.

Website created for Schippers Optiek. View this project here.

4 Books & publications

Making your story an object to treasure

There’s nothing you can’t do in the digital word, but at the same time we’re fully convinced of  the power of good printed matter. How fast are you really ‘done’ with a good book? You tend to keep them around, and they become objects you treasure.

While the digital world is still evolving continuously, a book becomes a trophy, maybe even a relic, with its own character. An object that has a prominent place in your home, and still will in 10 years while its website has become outdated or even unaccessible by then.

Want to make a book, publication or magazine? We’ll make sure it’s going to be a keeper!

Detail from the book Man Among Men, an unique photography project on Freemasonry. View more here.

Selected projects

We've been able to put our expertise, knowledge and experience to good use in beautiful projects. To give you an impression we have made a small selection below. If you want to see all of our projects, please view our portfolio.

Curious, passionate en resourceful: that's us

We love doing our jobs, really. every. day. And it shows! We're curious and critical, try out different approaches, combinations and try to change the norms.  We experiment, test, discuss and critisize. Recurring questions are: How is a design interpreted by its audience, how can we play with this interpretation and what interaction does it lead to?

Emmy van Thiel

As a graphic designer I love focussing on creative concepts and experimenting with the visual image, which results in surprising and refreshing ideas. Systems and a visual grammar based on the core of the question are very important and make each design unique and tailored.

Joost de Nooy

As an interaction designer I like combining design with creative code. Coding in its broadest sense, since half of the systems are just the start of a creative concept. What fascinates and helps people and how can we ensure it's useful and beautiful at the same time?

Our clients

In the past couple of years we've been lucky to realise quite a couple of beautiful projects. And we're happy the following clients have trusted us with the realisation of their ideas:

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